We’ve made the switch to Nucane

Jun 27, 2019 | Education

20% less added sugar in our delicious snack range!

Bakers Delight have made the switch to Nucane, a low GI sugar, which is 100% natural. The switch to Nucane means the delicious snacks you know and love will now contain 20% less added sugar.

Nucane is an all-natural, raw cane sugar that is less processed and less refined resulting in a bold sweet flavour that allows our bakers to use 20% less sugar in our recipes. The simplified production process also creates less waste while retaining the natural antioxidants found in raw cane sugar.  

Carbohydrates that are low glycemic, like Nucane, are slowly digested, absorbed and metabolised and cause a lower and slower rise in blood glucose and therefore usually, insulin levels. This can help in the fight against obesity and diabetes.

As well as this, the powerful antioxidants of Nucane have been scientifically shown to work in two very important ways. Firstly, they actively inhibit digestive enzymes to reduce glucose and fructose absorbed by the body, promoting the low glycemic effect. Secondly, the natural antioxidants slow down the transportation of glucose into the blood stream, helping to reduce blood sugar from increasing.

Nucane has replaced all added sugar in our snack products across Australia and New Zealand. These products include our delicious finger buns, brioche, scrolls, bunlets, sweet bread loafs, swirls, logs and teatimes.

Why Nucane is “the good sugar”?

  • Less refined
  • Powerful antioxidants
  • Low glycemic
  • Supports reduction in sugar consumption
  • All natural, GMO free
  • Tastes great

For more information, visit Nucane’s website