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Keeping It Real

Bakers Delight NZ is proudly locally owned and operated. We are committed to making every loaf, roll and bun a true delight to bake and enjoy!

Every time you swing by our bakery, you’ll be greeted with the delicious aroma of freshly baked bread made by our team of passionate bakers.

Whatever you are looking for – a quick afternoon treat, something for a party, or simply something to share with your workmates, we are here to make your experience delightful.


At Bakers Delight, we’re all about our local communities. Discover how delicious community support can be for your school or organization!

Become A Franchisee

Thinking of starting your own business? Find out what it’s like to own a Bakers Delight franchise!

Committed To The Community

We’re proud to say that our bakers make a positive impact in communities just like yours every day. They bake delicious, fresh bread and snacks that they donate to local schools, sports teams and charities.

We also sponsor local charities and teams because our bakers truly care about our communities.

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Tasty Recipes

You’re buying something tasty from us – why do you need a recipe?

Our bread nerds have been working hard to create delicious ways to use our products.

If you want to try something new – check them out!

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