Bakers Delight Pukekohe | Community Story

Mike Faulkner was born and raised in Pukekohe, New Zealand, and now runs his own successful bakery in the region. Mike believes supporting the community wherever he can is a fundamental part of being the local baker, which is why he gives something back each and every day.

Bakers Delight Botany Downs | Maori Wardens

Māori Wardens have been an intrinsic part of communities across Aotearoa New Zealand for more than 150 years. Jayson and Sharron are the local wardens for Otara and are regular visitors to our bakery in Botany Downs, where they collect and distribute donated bread for families in need.


Communities are the jam to our toast, which is why our bakers take a little extra time each day to support and engage with those around them! Check out these short videos and watch how Bakers Delight is connecting with communities right around the country.


We take “rise and shine” seriously!

In many different ways, our people are supporting local schools, sporting clubs and charities to help communities stay connected and engaged.

We’re proud of our heritage and work hard to ensure the Bakers Delight experience is great not just for our customers, but our staff too.

Bakers Delight NZ Community

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