You may not realise it, but your bread has undergone an amazing journey well before you take it home and tuck in.

Take the journey with us.

Meet the dynamic trio, Ben Frewin, Lucinda Frewin, and Craig Notman

New Chapter

Meet the dynamic trio, Ben Frewin, Lucinda Frewin, and Craig Notman, who are leading the way for our beloved brand here in New Zealand. As the proud new owners of the master franchise, their journey with Bakers Delight started as fans of the brand and products.

Inspired by the brand’s compelling story, they acquired the New Zealand business in 2022. Now that they’re at the helm, they bring contagious enthusiasm and dedication to bring the brand forward.

Driven by their passion for Bakers Delight’s exceptional hand-crafted range, Ben, Lucinda and Craig share a collective vision – to bring Bakers Delight to every town across New Zealand.

As Your Local Baker, we are committed to delivering quality, freshly baked bread to every corner of the country.

Join us as a Bakers Delight Franchisee

Embark on this exciting journey with us as we integrate into our communities across New Zealand while sharing a passion for hand-crafted fresh bakes.

The rise and rise of Bakers Delight

In 1980, Roger and Lesley Gillespie opened the first Bakers Delight in Hawthorn, Victoria. Since then, we’ve been delighting our customers every day with delicious, freshly baked bread. From our classic loaves to our artisanal sourdoughs, our bread is baked fresh every day using traditional recipes and real ingredients.

Still proudly family owned, Bakers Delight is now Australia’s most successful bakery franchise and can be found in more than 700 locations across Australia, Canada, USA and New Zealand.


Here’s a timeline of some of our proudest achievements, since first opening our doors in 1980