Case Study: Escaping the 9-5 with a proven step by step guide to success

Jun 15, 2020 | Testimonials

Arjun began training with the Air Force as soon as he finished high school, investing 40-50 hours a week into his career. He soon realised that spending all that time working for someone else wasn’t what he wanted to do and saw the potential in spending the same amount of time working on his own business. “I felt the harder I worked on my own business meant a greater return for me, that’s what attracted me to Bakers Delight,” said Arjun.

Looking to start his own business, Arjun looked to Bakers Delight as a premium brand selling high-quality products with personalised customer service and a stellar reputation. However, the support Bakers Delight offers Franchisees is what really led him to join the network.

An engineer by trade, Arjun knew very little about baking, let alone running a business, but he knew Bakers Delight provided in-depth training that would prepare him to run a successful business.

“The Bakers Delight team take you through everything step by step and have someone to guide you every step of the way. You learn everything from mixing dough and working the ovens, to dealing with customers and merchandising the store,” said Arjun. The training and support Arjun received from head office left him feeling confident to take on his own bakery, much more confident than he thought he would be.

Although he admits you have to work hard, Arjun loves the flexibility Franchisee life has given him and is very proud of what he and his team have been able to achieve. “I am very proud of myself and my team. If I had to start from scratch and do it all again I would.”