Case Study: Taking chances and making a change

Aug 25, 2020 | Testimonials

Although Brad had been a baker at Bakers Delight for eight years, it was quite a shock to his system when he started the training, however having his own mentor as part of the MTO program helped immensely.

“Working with an experienced Franchisee in a live bakery situation offered valuable hands on learning where you are taught everything from baking, business operations, finance and customer relations,” said Brad.

“You are also paired with a dedicated training consultant who guides you through all the training modules, all while still being able to work at the bakery.”

Although it took a short while for Brad to get into the swing of things, he found the experience of training and developing his skills very rewarding and now has a Franchisee he couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Manage to own your own destiny

After running Milford successfully for some time, Brad and his wife decided it was time to take on their next challenge and have recently purchased their second bakery. They knew it would be hard work, however, they also knew that they would have the help and support from the Bakers Delight team.

“Bakers Delight is a good, reliable Franchise with many proven systems in place to help your business succeed. No matter how long you have worked in a bakery, owning a bakery is a lot different, but the MTO programs teaches you everything you need to know. If you follow the training, you will good to go from day one.”